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Towing Basics

Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCVW) is the entire combined weight of a fully loaded vehicle, includes payload, passengers and everything in tow.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the entire weight of a fully loaded vehicle, including the payload and the Passengers, but excludes all towing.

Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) is the entire weight of the trailer plus all of the cargo in it.

The weight of a vehicle without passengers or cargo, but includes all fuel, fluids and standard equipment.

The ratio between the revolutions per minute of the driveshaft and the rear axle. In general, a higher number offers more towing power; a lower number offers better engine efficiency.

How does axle ratio affect my towing and payload capability? (Applies to chassis cabs and pick ups only.) Generally, a higher axle ratio gives you more towing power and faster acceleration, while a lower axle ratio gives you better engine efficiency and quieter running.

The axle ratio describes the connection between the driveshaft revolutions per minute and the rear axle's revolutions per minute. For example, an axle ratio of 4.1:1 means the small pinion gear at the end of the driveshaft must be in rotation 4.1 times for every single rotation of the rear axle.

Finding your optimal axle ratio will be a compromise. You want a ratio that will give you strong towing power without hindering your non-towing performance too seriously. By deciding how much weight you will be towing and how often you will be towing it, you will be able to find a ratio that will boost both power and engine efficiency.

The downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. In most cases, it should fall between 10 to 25 percent of GTW. Trailer tongue weight must be accounted for in total payload.
Common Weights

Plywood: 3 pounds / square foot per inch of thickness
Gravel: 3,400 pounds / yard
Cement mix: 80 pounds / bag
Mulch: 500 pounds / yard
Sand: 2,600 pounds / yard
Pavers: 3,170 pounds / pallet (624 pavers)

New Holland T7000 Series Tractor: 16,000 poundsNew Holland Bale Wagons: 5,500 - 16,000 pounds
New Holland Pull-Type Forage Harvester: 500 pounds
Rollback: 1,500 pounds
Stake bed: 1,500 pounds
Cherry picker: 2,000 - 5,000 pounds

Backhoe: 14,000 - 19,000 pounds
Bulldozer: 16,000 - 19,000 pounds
Case 580N Loader / Backhoe: 14,500 - 17,500 pounds
Case Crawler Dozer: 16,250 - 44,269 pounds
Case Skid Steer Loader: 5,000 - 8,300 pounds
Cement mixer (6 cubic feet): 670 pounds
Cement mixer (1 cubic yard): 7,000 pounds
Generator (3100 watt): 181 pounds
Generator (6500 watt): 209 pounds
Generator (9000 watt): 225 pounds
Skid Steer: 4,500 - 8,000 pounds
Stump grinder: 1,450 pounds

Fifth-wheel trailers: 19,000 pounds (3,126 pounds trailer tongue weight)
Travel trailer: 5,000 - 12,000 pounds
Camping trailer: 3,000 pounds
Truck camper: 3,500 pounds (unloaded)

Racecar: 1,600 - 3,500 pounds
Sedan: 3,000 pounds
Station wagon: 3,600 pounds
Pickup truck: 5,500 pounds

Canoe / kayak: 50 pounds
Motorboat: 2,500 pounds
Sailboat: 7,000 pounds

Boat trailer: 300 - 1,512 pounds
6 x 4 box trailer: 430 pounds
7 x 5 box trailer: 507 pounds
Car trailer: 2,800 pounds
Equipment trailer: 1,600 pounds (aluminum, 6'8" x 24'6")
Horse trailer: 2,400 pounds (unloaded)
Kayak trailer: 220 pounds

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