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7 Tips on How to Negotiate for Your First Car like an Expert

The time has finally come to buy your first car. You're excited, and nervous, but you're thrilled to drive home with a new Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, or Jeep vehicle.

How can you get your dream car back to your driveway without feeling like you've been swindled by a clever car salesperson? has some advice on how to negotiate like a pro:

  • Research what your trade-in is…
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How to Remove Crayon from the Seats of Your Family Vehicle

Last month, we talked about how the Chrysler Pacifica is the safest minivan of 2016. It has so many features to make it the ideal ride for a Boise-area family.

The available Stow 'n Vac™ system makes cleaning up crumbs and messes a snap -- but there are some messes that are a bit more stubborn. What do you do about crayon when the kids use the seats as a coloring book?

Crayons are made with wax, which, as candle-enthusiasts are well aware, does not dissolve in anything. Wax laughs in the face of regular cleaning products. Instead, you'll need…

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